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Open Government – A joke and an ad

Open government doesn’t really lend itself to humour and it’s difficult to see the comedy material in improved public services, oversight and accountability. The best joke I’ve heard on the topic (unfortunately, UK specific) goes something like this: In the

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Air Quality, Housing and Manchester

Posts about Manchester are few are far between on this blog and for good reason – its relationship to tech for transparency in Africa is tangential at best. Yet the annual Open Data Institute (ODI) Summit, which was held last

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Corporate corruption, data journalism for social justice and working with government-piloting new approaches with Code4SA

It’s rare to come across a gem like Code4SA, a Cape Town based organisation which uses data and technology to change lives.  They combine strong developer skills with an impressive ability to bring together all the right people-technologists, civil society, journalists

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Aptivate engaged by #360giving to build data demonstrators and road test data standard

We are going to build some demonstrators to show what can be done with open data about grant making.  Indigo Trust has engaged Aptivate an NGO expert in data manipulation and visualisation to build some demonstrators and in so doing

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