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Our first week as a Node of the ODI

Last week we were delighted to hear the announcement that Code The City have been approved as a node of the Open Data Institute (ODI). Some more places to look for #OpenData inspiration says @watty62 #opendatascotland pic.twitter.com/VvOx2uSyFL — OpenData-Aha! (@OpenDataAha)

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Creating A Buzz Around Open Data

When I presented at #Opendatascotland in Edinburgh on Friday 6th Nov 2015, my topic was “Creating a buzzaround #opendata”. At the conclusion, I asked attendees what they would do to keep the buzz going in their workplace and community, and

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Open Data Innovator Stories

Back in the spring we hosted Local Open Data: Reaping the Benefits – a day devoted to raising awareness of the good stuff going on with open data at a local level. Now, with Open Data Camp coming to Manchester

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Digging down into Local Data – Openly Local, Democratic Dashboard and more

Aberdeen North on Democratic Dashboard Have you seen Democratic Dashboard? You really should take a look. This site,  set up by the Democratic Audit based in the LSE, has one simple aim: ” … to promote engagement in the electoral

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Open data overload:yorkopendata and #localdata15

This post has been automatically created from a feed, and was originally published at: http://digidickinson.net/2015/04/22/open-data-overloadyorkopendata-and-localdata15/ For the last week it’s feels like my life has been all about opendata. My immersion into the world of open data that started last Friday with

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A Scotland-wide FOI search facility?

Updated (*) 17/1014 2 new bullet points at the end. At the first Code The City event, held in Aberdeen in June 2014, one of the projects which was worked on for the weekend was the setting up of a

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What next for CodeTheCity?

We kicked off CodeTheCity with our first Aberdeen event on 21st – 22nd June 2014 which really couldn’t have been better. We had some 38 volunteers – service users, service owners, coders, designers, bloggers – all of whom turned up

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MatchTheCity Project at CodeTheCity

A quick update from Code The City. I’m working with the #MatchTheCity project team. Our aim is to provide some of the data and infrastructure to support other projects – such as #BigSociety. I’ve been working with Dave Morrison, the

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Scraping Tools – A quick round-up

I’ve written here before about using Scraperwiki to scrape content from websites which haven’t implemented OpenData. I have even used Scraper Wiki to scrape our own website to get badly-formed content out in a structured way for a hack. Now,

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Code For Europe (Scotland)

As I wrote in my previous post, Aberdeen City Council have joined Code for Europe 2014. Code For Europe Badge Following the international meeting in Barcelona, and ahead of the appointment of the code fellows, the four participating Scottish councils

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