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Guest blog: Open Data in government, inspiring better and cheaper services

Open Data can fundamentally change government and the way we govern says John Jackson, CIO at Camden Council. Being ‘open data by default’ puts councils in the shoes of their customers and incubates fresh thinking and innovative service delivery he

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Open insights is the next step to Open Data

One must think of government data like matchstick; it must be taken out of its box and lit. The first step to generating public trust in a government institution is to show it has nothing to hide. The disclosure of

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Responsible Uses of Open Data

This week I attended the Responsible Uses of Open Data in Government and the Private Sector conference at NYU. As someone who teaches with open data and lectures on the use of open data in government, I have a keen

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Over 100 CSOs sign OGN evidence to the FOI Commission

Over 100 civil society organisations, ranging from national NGOs, to local community groups, and open government campaigners, to health, environment and transport charities, have signed the UK’s Open Government Network’s evidence to the FOI Commission, stating their support for a strong

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Why governments think that freedom of information is for nincompoops

  stable Politicians go off being open quite easily. Tony Blair went from being a champion of transparency in 1997 to calling himself a “nincompoop” for passing a Freedom of Information Act in 2010. Barack Obama was the “Transparency President”

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Making data a public asset through infrastructure

Government has always run on data. It drives internal operations, public-facing services and informs policy. Over time, an ecosystem of applications and technologies which store, manage, and access that data has developed. It includes spreadsheets, published PDFs, large databases, and

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Open Data and Leadership: New Zealand’s approach

I am delighted to be here today talking about New Zealand’s approach to open data and leadership. New Zealand has a strong and internationally recognised history of open and transparent government.  And as I’m sure those of you here know

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Innovation in Government: What We Are Missing

I just returned from London where I attended the terrific 3rd annual CityLab conference organized by the Atlantic Magazine and the Bloomberg Foundation, with support of the Aspen Institute. I am inspired. In two days I met and spoke with

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Openspending: from one district to an entire country

In 2013 the Open State Foundation started Openspending by releasing the finances of one of the districts of Amsterdam. This week our work resulted in the sustainable publication of financial open data of all Dutch regional and local governments. The

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Open Data in Senegal

Open Data in Senegal The Senegalese Government showcased its commitment towards establishing an Open Data policy by hosting a workshop with the theme “open access to geospatial data to help the government meet basic social services,” which took place in

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