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Announcing our new open geographical data collection

We love maps at Bath: Hacked. From our historical maps to our visualisations in CartoDB we often find ourselves working with maps to explore new ways to visualise data about the local area. To make this even easier we’ve created a new open…

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LA GeoHub: A model for ‘datafying’ communities

The Los Angeles GeoHub is a portal of location-based open data from across city departments allowing both the public and city employees to build and share apps.

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Closing the Evidence Gap

This post complements the First Tranche year-end posts about what to look forward to in year four of the AidData HESN award, delving deeper into the questions of country-level data use. Every day, governments, development partners, and civil society leaders

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Roll your own OSM with Macrocosm

Last week we launched Macrocosm, a NodeJS version of the OpenStreetMap API. This is the first part of an open toolkit we are developing to make it easier to set up your own version of OpenStreetMap. Governments and NGOs manage

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Open Data Portal for Western Australia (Preview)

The portal is the result of an exciting collaboration with the Department of Parks and Wildlife who have been doing excellent work in this space and very generously lent us one of their own, Florian Mayer, to get our portal

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Open Data in Senegal

Open Data in Senegal The Senegalese Government showcased its commitment towards establishing an Open Data policy by hosting a workshop with the theme “open access to geospatial data to help the government meet basic social services,” which took place in

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GovHack 2015 entrants find novel uses for NationalMap

Participants in the GovHack 2015 competition developed some innovative uses for the government’s NationalMap geospatial data visualisation tool. The GovHack 2015 hackathon took place from Thursday to Saturday last week. Teams participating in the event developed novel uses for the

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Open Data, GIS, and Nonprofits

The idea behind “open data” is that accessible data promotes government transparency, civic engagement, and the ability of community members to create solutions to problems within their communities. In this way, open data can be a rich resource for nonprofits.

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Two new CKAN extensions – Webhooks and Geopusher

Denis Zgonjanin recently shared the following update on two new extensions via the CKAN Dev mail list. If you are working on CKAN extensions and would like to share details with other developers then post your updates via the mail

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Minecraft and Geospatial: Get Your Data Noticed (Infographic)

Why do we keep mentioning Minecraft? What is it, and why is everyone—from kids to geo professionals—using it? Though the game of Minecraft is a simple concept, it holds unparalleled abilities to generate public interest and get important data shared

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