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Can big databases be kept both anonymous and useful?

The Economist: “….The anonymisation of a data record typically means the removal from it of personally identifiable information. Names, obviously. But also phone numbers, addresses and various intimate details like dates of birth. Such a record is then deemed safe

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Altmetrics at the Genetics Society of America

We spoke to Tracey DePellegrin, Executive Editor of the Genetics Society of America journals about their motivations and experience so far of integrating Altmetric badges across their journals. As Executive Editor, Tracey is responsible for identifying new ways of author

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Microbial Genomics, Open Data and Figshare

Microbial Genomics (MGen), the Society for General Microbiology’s first journal with an open data policy, is pleased to report a partnership with Figshare, to support authors with publishing their supporting data. Microbial Genomics publishes articles that use genomic approaches to further our

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