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Open Government – A joke and an ad

Open government doesn’t really lend itself to humour and it’s difficult to see the comedy material in improved public services, oversight and accountability. The best joke I’ve heard on the topic (unfortunately, UK specific) goes something like this: In the

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SA Police Reduce Costs Through Proactive Open Data

Freedom of information access comes at a cost. In 2011-12 financial year the estimated costs of administering the Freedom of Information Act 1991 (SA) was reported to be $10.4 million (The Hon I.K.Hunter- Hansard 16/10/14). Records indicate 85% of Freedom of

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Opening Up The Private Sector

The focus of transparency is almost always on government and public bodies. However, over the past ten years, often outside of the headlines, a growing collection of laws, regulations and technological innovations have gradually shone a light on the private

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A Tale of Two Open Data Sets

It was the best of FoI requests, it was the worst of FoI requests. While some data holders are wise, others are foolish. Some strengthen our belief in the promise of open data, while others leave us…

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Assessing Government Transparency: An Interpretive Framework

Authors: Albert Meijer, Paul ’t Hart, and Ben Worthy Abstract How can we evaluate government transparency arrangements? While the complexity and contextuality of the values at stake defy straightforward measurement, this article provides an interpretative framework to guide and structure

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Freedom of information and open government data communities could benefit from closer collaboration

Silvana Fumega, PhD researcher and independent consultant, writes on the relationship between the Freedom of Information (FOI) and the Open Government Data (OGD) communities as part of our second phase of  Open Data in Developing Countries research. Download the full

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Sobanukirwa – Rwandan Freedom of Information Site – update

In March of this year we announced a grant award to Tumenye Digital Ltd to help them continue work on their Sobanukirwa site which enables Rwandan citizens to make freedom of information requests.  A quick update from the team is below:

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Open data at the local level can help to create a new eco-system of openness and activism

In 2010, the Government began pushing for local authorities in England to release information on public spending over a certain threshold – in this case £500. Ben Worthy argues that although reform is needed to maximise the potential of this

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OpenGov Voices: Richmond’s new open data portal a good start, but more work needed

Tom Nash, journalist and FOIA agitator The city of Richmond, Va., recently unveiled an open data portal that gives people access to important data that had long languished in dark corners of its website. Everything from crime data to property

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Cabinet Office refuses to provide more details about FOI Commission

The Independent Commission on Freedom of Information was announced exactly one month ago yesterday, but no more information has been given out about its work. Fortunately, now that 20 working days have passed, some information about the review might start

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