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Juma Ngomuo explains the ‘Google for farmland’ in Tanzania

Tanzanian GODAN partner Agrinfo uses geodata to share farmland information and enable farmers to better manage their land. The organization does this, explains marketing director Jumo Ngomuo, by collecting the GPS locations of farms and assessing their ownership and area size,

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Smart Agriculture and Smallholders: Issues in Using ICTs and Information

Ajit Maru, Senior Knowledge Officer at the Global Forum on Agricultural Research (GFAR) shares his recent experience at the International Conference on Intelligent Agriculture, held in Beijing in September, 2015.   Smart Agriculture While there may be many ways to

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New routes open up data for Jamaican farmers

New routes open up data for Jamaican farmers By Imogen Mathers If you are unable to listen to this audio, please update your browser or click here to download[11.3 MB] Farming is a sector where access to information has the

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Panel and Launch of the Sub-Saharan African Food Security Portal

On 16 September, the Sub-Saharan African Food Security Portal will be launched in Brussels. The website, developed by the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), contains over 40 indicators related to food security, commodity prices, economics, and human well-being. It draws from

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ODI cooks up new focus on agriculture and nutrition

With over 7 billion mouths to feed and a food retail industry worth $4 trillion a year, we are exploring how open data can make our global food system more efficient, from farm to fork Up-to-date information and insights are

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Taking stock of challenges for global open data in agriculture and nutrition

As the open data revolution in agriculture and nutrition gathers pace, discussions are emerging about some of the ethical issues involved in equitable sharing and use of data, particularly as increasing amounts of data are now generated by or for

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Farming it out: Is Defra’s latest open data push the shape of things to come?

Environment secretary Liz Truss has hailed Defra’s new Open Data Initiative as the biggest ever “data give-away” by government. But what will it mean in practice? Mark Rowe reports It’s a sunny day and canoeists across England head for the

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Senseye is new GODAN partner

Senseye is the latest new partner to join the growing GODAN network.  Senseye aims to work with smaller businesses to exploit the Internet of Things revolution to deliver an affordable and easy to use Internet of Assets™ predictive analytics platform.

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Open Institute becomes GODAN partner

Open Institute is a think-do tank that works with governments and civil society organizations on open government, promoting transparency, accountability and multi-stakeholder participation in governance as key characteristics of an open government. Their work aims to institutionalize at both national

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Rezatec is GODAN’s latest partner

Rezatec helps businesses map their land-based assets using complex information from Earth Observation (EO) and other data from a wide range of sources, including satellite images, to provide mapping, measuring and monitoring support.  Located in the Harwell Space Cluster in

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