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The Big Picture- Big Bata, Knowledge Organisation and the Historic Environment: Shaping the future of Historic Environment Service Provision

Videos from the CIfA conference– Organiser(s): Sarah Reilly, Historic England, Sarah MacLean, Historic England, Marion Page, Dyfed Archaeology, Emily La-Trobe Batemen, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, and Jane Golding, Historic England Local government is facing cuts of a level not seen since

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I, for One, Welcome Our New Archaeology Publishing Overlords

In June the Archaeology publishing world was rocked by a very significant event, but no one actually noticed it. What am I talking about? Taylor-Francis Group, itself part of a larger company, has bought out Maney. You can read the press release

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ArcheoFOSS: free/open source software and archaeological research, ten years later

Another batch of videos from CAA– this time on a subject near and dear to my heart: In 2006, when the first “Italian workshop on free/open source software and open formats in the archaeological research process” took place at the

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Linked Data: From interoperable to interoperating

Today’s batch of videos come from CAA, the international conference, in Siena, Italy. I was privileged enough to be there and lucky that some session organisers and presenters agreed to let me film them. The first session up is about

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CAA-UK 2015, University of Bradford

Here are the videos from CAAUK in March. A bit about the conference- CAA-UK aims to encourage communication between UK-based archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists in order to stimulate research and promote best practice in computational and mathematical approaches to

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OK computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice

So videoing has for the most part taken up most of my blogging time these days. I hope to get back to writing original content soon but until then … From the 2014 TAG conference here is the OK computer?

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With Archaeology and Science Under Assault How Many Allies Do We Have? – Number of People with Archaeology Degrees

A few months ago I posted an estimation of the number of people with Archaeology degrees from US Universities. I have since done quite a bit more research on the subject. My initial estimates are probably too high for undergraduate

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