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Electronic resources for archaeology: from databases to digital open data

To continue with CAA sessions here is another one: Digital archaeology in the 21st century promotes an interdisciplinary approach, which requires to model complex systems in line with the policies of international research and in close connection with the socio-economic

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ArcheoFOSS: free/open source software and archaeological research, ten years later

Another batch of videos from CAA– this time on a subject near and dear to my heart: In 2006, when the first “Italian workshop on free/open source software and open formats in the archaeological research process” took place at the

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Linked Data: From interoperable to interoperating

Today’s batch of videos come from CAA, the international conference, in Siena, Italy. I was privileged enough to be there and lucky that some session organisers and presenters agreed to let me film them. The first session up is about

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CAA-UK 2015, University of Bradford

Here are the videos from CAAUK in March. A bit about the conference- CAA-UK aims to encourage communication between UK-based archaeologists, mathematicians and computer scientists in order to stimulate research and promote best practice in computational and mathematical approaches to

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OK computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice

So videoing has for the most part taken up most of my blogging time these days. I hope to get back to writing original content soon but until then … From the 2014 TAG conference here is the OK computer?

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With Archaeology and Science Under Assault How Many Allies Do We Have? – Number of People with Archaeology Degrees

A few months ago I posted an estimation of the number of people with Archaeology degrees from US Universities. I have since done quite a bit more research on the subject. My initial estimates are probably too high for undergraduate

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