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The future of eGov

Last year I attended a presentation of what it was supposed to be the new eGov strategy of a major Smart City. They presented to us the motivation, how much technology has changed from a web presence to multi-channel, multi-screen.

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GDS set for share of £55m pot to boost digital government plan

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is set to receive a share of a £55m “efficiency and reform” fund to define business cases for new digital projects across Whitehall. The announcement was hidden away on page 82 of the 123-page Summer

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#HLDJ Conference 6th and 7th November 2015

This post was created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://digidickinson.net/2015/06/22/hldj-conference-6th-and-7th-november-2015/ This isn’t meant to be a conference about Hyperlocal data journalism (but it could be!) It’s a conference about the way that Hyperlocal AND/OR data AND/OR journalism

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Pilot Open Municipal Information: the needle in the digital haystack

‘Gemeenteraad Amsterdam bijeen over bestuursstructuur van Gemeentelijke Universiteit’ by Bert Verhoeff (Anefo 1980). Collection: Beeldbank Nationaal Archief. CC-BY-SA 3.0 Publishing minutes, decisions, bills, agendas and other documents of the city council as open data strengthens the information position of city

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OK computer? Digital Public Archaeologies in Practice

So videoing has for the most part taken up most of my blogging time these days. I hope to get back to writing original content soon but until then … From the 2014 TAG conference here is the OK computer?

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Written Ministerial Statements — Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: EU Competitiveness Council (pre-Council statement) (23 Feb 2015)

My hon Friend the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Minister for Intellectual Property (Baroness Neville-Rolfe) will today make the following statement. The European Competitiveness Council will take place on Monday 2nd March and Tuesday 3rd

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DCLG opens up digital geography as web and linked data services

Published on behalf of Simon Roberts We know that you, our users, prefer our data when it can be easily visualised and mapped – our deprivation and wellbeing mappers are consistently the most popular pages on OpenDataCommunities. We have therefore

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12 simple technologies for cities that are Smart, open and fair

(Fritz Lang’s 1927 dystopian film Metropolis pictured a city that exploited futuristic technologies, but only on behalf of a minority of its citizens. Image by Breve Storia del Cinema) Efficiency; resilience; growth; vitality. These are all characteristics that cities desire, and

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Why New Zealand and UK are leading the public sector digital revolution

Our two countries have learned from each other in drive to digital-by-default, say senior ministers At the Open Government Partnership (OGP) summit in London in November 2013, New Zealand became the 61st member of a rapidly expanding global movement. The

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