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How digital is the UK? and why it needs projects like Bristol Is Open

What is UK’s digital profile? New data from the European Commission sheds light on the state of British’ digital economy. The 2016 edition of the Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), a composite indicator that summarises relevant indicators on EU

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Who are the real ‘digital leaders’?

I see a number of groups these days called ‘digital leaders’ which made me reflect on: who/what is a digital leader? how many are there; is there a finite number? what elements constitute this kind of leadership? Some common features

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Colorado Community-Based Archaeology

Hi! My name is Michele Koons. As Curator of Archaeology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS), my job is to conduct field research, communicate archaeology effectively to a wide audience, and curate the archaeology collection.  It was

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Want to create a more digital newsroom? Find your inner startup

On a gray day in the fall of 2013, a dozen department heads of the Dutch media company NRC huddled together in a room in Amsterdam. (Full disclosure: I was one of them.) Paintings of bygone editors of the esteemed

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Health matters

Today, me and a few other co-conspirators announced UKHealthCamp – an ‘unconference’ for everyone interested in digital, design, data and technology for health and care. I want to explain why we think this is important, and why it’s time the

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Cities As Platforms

Take a look at the last decade’s fastest-growing companies. You’ll notice they have one thing in common: They’re all platforms. YouTube was not the first video-hosting site, but it was the first to disrupt the stagnating online broadcasting model, creating

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The Second Digital Government Must, Part I: Open Technology in Government

In my last post I discussed Digital Cloud – the first “Must” of the new Digital Experience Government. I explained how by leveraging a true digital cloud platform, organizations gain tremendous freedom to focus resources away from operations and maintenance,

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At the end of last week I went to see my boss, John Manzoni to tell him I’m leaving government. I wanted to take a moment here to thank everyone for the tremendous help I’ve been given in the last

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Sane Governance in the Digital City

This post has been created automatically from a feed, and was originally published at: http://www.sustainablecitiescollective.com/klaus-philipsen/1063276/governance-digital-city-adjunct-todays-webinar-smart-cities “There is a canyon dividing people who understand technology and people charged with addressing the world’s toughest [..] issues, and no one has built a bridge”(Cohen/Schmidt:

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Digital Government is the New Social Network

Recently, New York and Chicago, each a leader in two important municipal reforms — the open data movement and centralized (311) call centers — released requests asking the private sector to help them build a platform more akin to Facebook than

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