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Citizen Engagement: Hacking Cities With Minecraft

This post about building citizen engagement looks at two topics which don’t generally get the lion’s share of attention in civic hacking — youth and gaming. Minecraft is a video game that many young people enjoy. In “Hacking Cities With

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Civic Hacking In The News: September 05, 2015

This September 05, 2015, post has four items from recent news related to civic hacking. If they sound like something you want to know more about, click the headline links and read them in their entirety. Reframing the Conversation About

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Scraping Data From A Reluctant PDF

PDFs and civic hackers are not good friends. The post “My First Hackathon: Learning to Extract” explains the civic hackers’ animosity toward PDFs (portable document format computer files) this way: “Over the weekend of January 16-18 [2014] the Sunlight Foundation

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Civic Hacking In The News: August 29, 2015

This August 29, 2015, post is excerpts from a few recent items relevant to civic hacking. If they sound like something you want to know more about, click the headline links and read the source articles. What We Learned from

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More Civic Hackers In NE Wisconsin

I started writing a post about civic hacking and PDFs (portable document format computer files, but sometimes thought to be pretty disgusting format). While reading my fifth article about journalists and PDFs, I started thinking that we need to get

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Open Data: Privacy & Security

Civic hackers and open data are children of public-spirited and trusting Gen Xers in the same way that personal computers, open source software and the Internet were the children of altruistic and ingenuous Baby Boomers. Unfortunately, altruistic and trusting children

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Disabled Accessibility & Civic Hacking

Accessibility, or disabled accessibility, appears to be a topic ripe for civic hacking, although I use the term ‘appears’ because thus far I’ve only glimpsed the tip of the accessibility iceberg. I’m writing this post as a result of two

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California City Jumpstarts Innovation With Civic Hackathon

In 2009, Pasadena, California, wanted to increase community engagement and boost their innovation strategy. There were many ideas and recommendations on how that could be done. What did they choose as a key enabler of the program to achieve that

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Hacking City Spaces: A Third Place On The Fourth Floor

Today’s post is about hacking city spaces to improve the third places we have in NE Wisconsin and to create new ones. If you’re not familiar with third places, check out the Wikipedia entry, which says they’re “…the social surroundings

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Civic Hacking – Creating a Pebble Watch App for Recycling Data in Appleton, WI

Guest post by Ross Larson (reposted with permission)   tl;dr  I released a Pebble App for Appleton Recycling Data.  It was fun. Ross’ Pebble Watch displaying Appleton Recycling Data for his address in Appleton, WI, USA Long Version: Civic hacking

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