Farming it out: Is Defra’s latest open data push the shape of things to come?

Environment secretary Liz Truss has hailed Defra’s new Open Data Initiative as the biggest ever “data give-away” by government. But what will it mean in practice? Mark Rowe reports It’s a sunny day and canoeists across England head for the

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Are you ready for disruption?

July 15 2015 | General | UK | Last week, Elizabeth Truss MP, the UK’s Environment Secretary, announced that over the next year virtually all of her department’s data will be opened up for full and public access – amounting to more

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Making a Difference With Data

On Friday (10/07/15) I had the pleasure of attending ‘Make it Better With Data: Sheffield’ at Sheffield Town Hall hosted by the cities Better With Data Society and Sheffield City Council, with support from Capita and Socrata. The conference was one of the

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Open Defra will have eight themes

Post: 11 July 2015 Open Defra, a recently announced UK initiative to release 8,000 datasets as open data within a year, will focus on the following eight themes: Animal Health and Welfare Countryside and Natural Capital Floods and Coastal Erosion

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A view on how Environment Agency’s Data Advisory Group is helping to shape the future of open data

Today we have a guest post from Savania Chinamaringa, who is a Defra rep at the Environment Agency Data Advisory Group (EADAG)… I have been involved with the EADAG as a Defra rep from its inception. I attend EADAG meetings to listen and learn but

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Where is all the open data for waste management?

Post: 7 July 2015 This post covers resources and issues related to open data about waste management in the UK. I’m putting this material together now because Defra, the government department responsible for waste policy, has recently announced an intention

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Defra to release open satellite imagery that could transform food and farming

The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) has announced that it will release at least 8,000 open datasets in the coming months. It is hoped that by making satellite imagery freely available to the public, it will

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We’ve posted here on the Defra digital blog some of the stories about our data, data activities and data releases. Today our Secretary of State Elizabeth Truss set out her vision for the role of open data in the future

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