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Focus on the MVDP – The Minimum Viable Data Product

Since the release of “The Lean Startup” there’s three letters that have been preached over and over… Minimum Viable Product. The over copied mantra of “what do you need to do to get this thing out of the door?”. And

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NI Open Data – Mining Prescription Data Part 2. – #opendata #spark #clojure

The Story So Far…. You can read part 1 here. A few weeks ago I started on finding out which were the most popular items that a GP practice would prescribe. Once again I turned to Sparkling and Clojure to

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NI Open Data – Mining Prescription Data – #opendata #spark #clojure

Moving On From The NI Assembly There was plenty of scope from the NI Assembly blog posts I did last time (you can read part 1 and part 2 for the background). While I received a lot of messages with

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NIAssembly Open Data – Part 2 – Sankey Diagrams #opendata #clojure #spark #sankey

In the first part of this walk through I showed you how to use the excellent NI Assembly open data platform to find out the frequency of departments members were asking questions to. A picture speaks a thousand words so

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