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Buzzfeed uses R for Data Journalism

(This article was first published on Revolutions, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Buzzfeed isn’t just listicles and cat videos these days. Science journalist Peter Aldhous recently joined Buzzfeed’s editorial team, after stints at Nature, Science and New Scientist magazines. He brings with

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The mainstreaming of data reporting and what it means for journalism schools

Data journalists and media lecturers debated the data skills needed in the newsroom, at the US book launch of Data Journalism: Inside the Global Future

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Mapping the ‘Great Divide’ Between Affordable Housing and Opportunity

People living in high-poverty neighborhoods in the U.S. don’t have access to good schools, jobs, or parks and other green spaces. Instead, the residents of such neighborhoods are exposed to violence and environmental hazards on a daily basis. Growing up

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Big data triggers predictive journalism

Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, once regaled a panel audience with a story of how he read a tweet about an earthquake around 60 miles south of him — and then felt it seconds later. This simple story conveys

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The very beginning till the prototype of a community platform for open data, OpenLocal

The journey has begun when FutureEverything came to Hyper Island to give us an open brief around citizen science. As an outcome of our… Continue reading on Medium »

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Award-winning story shows impact, potential of data journalism tools

Knight International Media Innovators Specialized Reporting Data Journalism Data-driven multimedia story Living on the Edge wins the national onlien category of Vodacom awards. ICFJ Knight Fellow Ray Joseph explains the impact of the tool behind the story.

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Second #OpenDataParty Comes to Benin City, Nigeria

“– bring your laptops, coffee mugs and power extension cords!” On December 11th, the second #OpenDataParty kicks off at Benson Idahosa University, Benin City. During two action-packed days, #OpenDataParty will welcome open data enthusiasts united by the desire to make,

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What can global temperature data tell us?

(This article was first published on Radford Neal’s blog » R Programming, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Debates about anthropogenic climate change often centre around data on changes in global temperatures over the last few decades. There are good scientific

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Nigerian Journalists Dig Deep Into Land and Property Rights

Steve Sapienza Reporters from Nigeria’s leading media outlets were among the 55 professional journalists and 48 students who attended a unique journalism workshop on “Covering Land and Property Rights” held in Lagos on November 24 and 25. One journalist even

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20 resources for finding and using data in stories

Marianne Bouchart, communications director and Data Journalism Award Manager at the Global Editors Network, shares her list of tools and tips for sourcing data online

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