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Nigerian Journalists Dig Deep Into Land and Property Rights

Steve Sapienza Reporters from Nigeria’s leading media outlets were among the 55 professional journalists and 48 students who attended a unique journalism workshop on “Covering Land and Property Rights” held in Lagos on November 24 and 25. One journalist even

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20 resources for finding and using data in stories

Marianne Bouchart, communications director and Data Journalism Award Manager at the Global Editors Network, shares her list of tools and tips for sourcing data online

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Heads up for the first data journalism agency in Macedonia!

Developer Baze Petrushev showed participants how to use the Normal Distribution to find stories in data (Dona Dzambaska – CC-by-sa 3.0) Data journalism in Macedonia just got a lot stronger: a group of journalists and programmers started what could become

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How five data journalists exposed corruption in Mexico’s Congress

Knight International Media Innovators Specialized Reporting Investigative Reporting Business of Journalism Five young Mexican journalists spent a year sifting through thousands of public officials’ expense reports. James Breiner explains how they discovered gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.

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Building great data tools is not enough

Journalism Education Knight International Media Innovators Measuring Impact Data Journalism ICFJ Knight Fellow Raymond Joseph highlights the importance of outreach and training to introduce new data tools to journalists.

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Whitehall Monitor 2015: the Coalition in 163 charts

The Whitehall Monitor is the Institute for Government’s data journalism project. Today, just a week before the final Spending Review settlements are revealed, we launched our third annual report, ‘The Coalition in 163 charts’. Gavin Freeguard highlighted some of these

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Slides: Highlights from “Data Journalism: Inside the global future”

Presentation from launch event for this new book, highlighting some of the key takeaways and lessons from the volume. You can buy the book via publisher Abramis and on Amazon. Filed under: Damian Radcliffe Journalism, Damian Radcliffe University of Oregon

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“Tanzania Calling: help us kickstart data journalism and civic tech in Dar es Salaam” in Code For Africa

Do you want to help revolutionise the media in Tanzania and create innovative new ways for citizens to learn information and use data? Continue reading on Medium »

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Fifty Years of Journalism and Data: A Brief History

It started with trying to predict the outcome of a US presidential election. More than six decades later, computer-assisted reporting is at the core of investigative reporting globally. Many practitioners date the beginning of computer-assisted reporting and data journalism to

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Does Open Data Need Journalism?

Paper by Jonathan Stoneman at Reuters Institute for Journalism: “The Open Data movement really came into being when President Obama issued his first policy paper, on his first day in office in January 2009. The US government opened up thousands

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