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Open data can make the world a better place – but only if we know how to use it

I’m a self-confessed data junkie, but I appreciate that spreadsheets aren’t everyone’s idea of fun. Most people want their digested data packaged up into compelling stories and beautiful visuals. My j…

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Stories data tell us

Guest post from Esteban Mucientes Financial executive officer at Cuchillo and online marketing consultant. He has collaborated with various Spanish public administrations in the field of communication adaptation strategies, as well as offering formation on digital marketing to a number

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Local data journalism: Five tips and a few key things to consider

Data journalism can provide both global and local communities with valuable content that informs their day-to-day lives. Many of the efforts are internationally or nationally focussed, yet, as Steven Barnett and Judith Townend have argued: “It is at the local

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Open Migration: Using Data To Understand The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis represents a challenge to journalism across Europe. It has forced newsrooms to question how they report such a complex phenomenon in a balanced way, without reinforcing easy stereotypes and without appearing to dehumanise refugees. The Italian Coalition

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Inside a Pioneering Italian Data Journalism Collaboration

Editor’s Note: Confiscati Bene, released in mid-December in Europe, is a pioneering data journalism collaboration that digs into the $4 billion of goods in the EU confiscated from criminals by European authorities. An international team of journalists and their allies

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[Slides] Intro to Data Journalism

Slides from a class given at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication on 16th November 2015, covering examples of different stories, sources, tools and tips.   Filed under: Damian Radcliffe Journalism, Damian Radcliffe University of Oregon Tagged:

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Buzzfeed uses R for Data Journalism

(This article was first published on Revolutions, and kindly contributed to R-bloggers) Buzzfeed isn’t just listicles and cat videos these days. Science journalist Peter Aldhous recently joined Buzzfeed’s editorial team, after stints at Nature, Science and New Scientist magazines. He brings with

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The mainstreaming of data reporting and what it means for journalism schools

Data journalists and media lecturers debated the data skills needed in the newsroom, at the US book launch of Data Journalism: Inside the Global Future

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Big data triggers predictive journalism

Biz Stone, the cofounder of Twitter, once regaled a panel audience with a story of how he read a tweet about an earthquake around 60 miles south of him — and then felt it seconds later. This simple story conveys

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Award-winning story shows impact, potential of data journalism tools

Knight International Media Innovators Specialized Reporting Data Journalism Data-driven multimedia story Living on the Edge wins the national onlien category of Vodacom awards. ICFJ Knight Fellow Ray Joseph explains the impact of the tool behind the story.

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