Geocoded national address data to be made openly available

The Australian Government has entered into an agreement with PSMA Australia Limited (PSMA) to release one of the most requested ubiquitous, high-value datasets to the economy, PSMA’s Geo-coded National Address File (G-NAF), and their Administrative Boundaries datasets. In today’s digitally

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Public Sector Data Management

In April 2015, the Secretary of Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C), Michael Thawley, commissioned an in-house study into how public sector data can be better used to achieve efficiencies for government, enable better service delivery and inform policy

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October / November ’15 Report from the Data Infrastructure Team

Hi Folks, Welcome to our new regular report which will capture a broader work program including: data.gov.au; the NationalMap; the work we are doing on the Open Data Network; data skills and capability development across the APS; and any other

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Improving data quality on data.gov.au

One of the greatest challenges facing data users when trying to use government data has been the extraordinary diversity in data types, formats, quality, currency and other attributes of the data. In the first instance just finding data that suits

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data.gov.au Public User Needs Workshop

The data.gov.au team invites you to attend a public user needs workshop on 16 December 2015 as part of a broader data.gov.au Forum.

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DataStart – Data and Themes

The DataStart information nights kicked off on Tuesday 17 November at the Pollenizer Headquarters in Sydney. We’ll be talking about how you can apply for the program, the types of ideas we’re looking for and sharing some of the resources

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Hello world from the new improved Public Data team!

Welcome to the first blog post of the new Public Data Branch! The open data and data.gov.au– external site team from the Department of Finance has merged with the Data Policy Branch (including spatial, NationalMap, ANZLIC – the Spatial Information

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data.gov.au July 2015 report

Hey folks, This month we’d like to take a diversion from our usual report update and instead talk about CKAN’s DataStore extension (however – for the record – another 269 datasets were added in July). The extension enables data.gov.au to

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data.gov.au June 2015 report

In June, data custodians added an additional 100 datasets to data.gov.au. That’s not counting all the additional data you can find thanks to our search result sharing arrangements. It must be #GovHack, or as we refer to it in the

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Guest Post: The Benefits of data.gov.au

This post was submitted by Alex Aitkin, Assistant Manager, Research Commercialisation Section in the Science and Commercialisation Policy Division of the Department of Industry and Sciences. Research Commercialisation Section, within the Department of Industry and Science, has benefited from using

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