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Australian cities are getting smarter

Cities evolve. Most of them start small and expand over time, growing in a haphazard fashion that can often seem random to their inhabitants. Few cities in the world could truly be described as smart. Many of them seem to

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How the Cabinet Office is using open data to tackle youth unemployment

The Cabinet Office has hosted an event in an attempt to solve the problem of youth unemployment in the UK through the use of open government datasets. The so-called Job Hack event saw technology professionals from across the industry come together with young people

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Councils explore options for online mapping tools

All parts of the public sector in Great Britain have free access to a wide range of services from the government-owned mapping agency Ordnance Survey (OS), through the Public Sector Mapping Agreement in England and Wales or the One Scotland

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Making the most of data: making data more open

A while back, I published an article on the use of open data sets, covering some of the things that were already being done and what may be possible in the near- to mid-term.  After this was published, David Patterson

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GDS set for share of £55m pot to boost digital government plan

The Government Digital Service (GDS) is set to receive a share of a £55m “efficiency and reform” fund to define business cases for new digital projects across Whitehall. The announcement was hidden away on page 82 of the 123-page Summer

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