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Closed, shared, open data: what’s in a name?

Introducing the ‘data lexicon’: Ellen Broad explores the challenge of using language around data that is accurate and useful, but simple enough for everyone to understand For the past few months we at the ODI have been having conversations about

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Comment: What would a locked-down data future look like?

This is the second in a blog series discussing potential data futures and how they affect data infrastructure. The first in the series outlines why we are considering three potential data futures In this blog we consider a locked-down future,

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Figshare Announces Next-Generation Platform Customized for Academic Institutions

Today Figshare launches the next generation of its research data management platform, Figshare for Institutions, developed to address the specific needs of academic institutions to store research data securely. The pioneering platform has piloted at institutions in the U.K., Australasia, and

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