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Chicago Is Predicting Food Safety Violations. Why Aren’t Other Cities?

US FDA / Flickr The three dozen inspectors at the Chicago Department of Public Health scrutinize 16,000 eating establishments to protect diners from gut-bombing food sickness. Some of those pose more of a health risk than others; approximately 15 percent

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Mapping the ‘Great Divide’ Between Affordable Housing and Opportunity

People living in high-poverty neighborhoods in the U.S. don’t have access to good schools, jobs, or parks and other green spaces. Instead, the residents of such neighborhoods are exposed to violence and environmental hazards on a daily basis. Growing up

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How Satellites Can Help Us Understand Global Poverty

Algorithms identify farm land in Sri Lanka (in red) to analyze the agricultural productivity in the region—a possible indicator of economic development. (Orbital Insight) Citizen surveys are the most comprehensive means available to track poverty, but they aren’t perfect. They

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How Many Neighborhoods Is Too Many for One Map?

Searching for Swampoodle. (gpointstudio / Shutterstock.com) Washington, D.C., has got too many neighborhoods. The city’s Office of Planning recognizes 131 distinct neighborhoods and even acknowledges that the list is, at best, incomplete. Residents of the District love nothing more than

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The Trouble With Disappearing Summer Jobs

Summer jobs build character. (Fox) In my late teens, I developed skills that have served me invaluably as an employee and an economist. I had complete confidence that I could move just about anywhere, find a job, a place to

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The Key Ingredient in Stop-and-Frisk Reform: Open Data

Earlier this month, the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts sued the Boston Police Department, demanding that they turn over recent years’ data on police stops to address concerns that people of color are being overpoliced in the city. “It’s

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