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The very beginning till the prototype of a community platform for open data, OpenLocal

The journey has begun when FutureEverything came to Hyper Island to give us an open brief around citizen science. As an outcome of our… Continue reading on Medium »

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The future of citizen urban research

It’s hard to dispute that research is changing, with the likes of open innovation and citizen science allowing a much greater pool of talent to participate in an activity that was traditionally the preserve of the few. This shift has

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Dealing with Data 2015 – Presentations now available

On the 31st August, over one hundred researchers from across the breadth of the University of Edinburgh met together in the Informatics Forum to discuss the challenges of dealing with the research data. Following-on from the 2014 conference of the

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Colorado Community-Based Archaeology

Hi! My name is Michele Koons. As Curator of Archaeology at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS), my job is to conduct field research, communicate archaeology effectively to a wide audience, and curate the archaeology collection.  It was

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Anniversary & Conference : March 22 – 25

Watch Live! Download the Safecast Report Executive Summary here Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream (Currently English only) The Future of Citizen Science & the First Safecast Report A Free Symposium & Hackathon in Tokyo, and ‘Super Presentation’ in Koriyama

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