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How One Tool Enabled Two Entrepreneurs to Quit Their Day Jobs & Build Their Dream Business

The following is a market-sizing tool case study featuring Apitite, a cloud service for creating and managing APIs.   The Problem Tristan and Todd, both first-time entrepreneurs with technical backgrounds, were moonlighting on the weekends building Apitite, a cloud service

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Economically speaking, Britain is losing three or four cities a year. Blame longer commutes

Commuting Britain Economics The ONS’ Travel To Work Areas around London, based on 2011 census data. Image: ONS. We often hear that the world is getting smaller, as people travel with greater speed and frequency. New data released this month

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The State Of Women-Owned Businesses In The U.S.

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) just released its most recent analysis of preliminary U.S. Census data. The snapshot it provides on the state of women-owned businesses shows definitive growth. In a teleconference, NWBC’s chairwoman Carla Harris outlined the highlights.

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Learn to Map Census Data in R – free email course

The course, split into 5 lessons, is designed to teach people how to easily make beautiful and informative maps of US demographics. People start with US State maps and progress to county and zip code maps.

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Data On Canada Is Drying Up Since The Nation Scrapped Its Mandatory Long-Form Census

Five years ago, Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper made participation in Canada’s constitutionally mandated long-form census voluntary. The consequences of not requiring people to fill out the country’s National Household Survey are becoming increasingly clear, and they’re not good: Canadian citizens, reporters, businesses

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Where are Chicago’s poor white neighborhoods?

(WBEZ/Logan Jaffe) Editor’s note: We’re considering additional coverage for this story and we’d like to know which follow-up questions about concentrated white poverty most interest you. Examples: How does Chicago compare to other Midwestern cities? How does this apply to

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How well do Google image results represent reality? Comparing occupational census data against web-based search results

      Images are a powerful medium for reflecting reality and also identifying bias. For example, how well do Google image search results of gender-neutral professions match the reality of the workforce? Oliver Duke-Williams of UK Data Service Census Support, digs in to 2011 census

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Data Story: Know your local area – Census Area Profiles

Census Area Profiles The 2011 Census The population Census is conducted every ten years across the United Kingdom – the last Census was in 2011. The survey results help to paint a picture of the nation and how we live,

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