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Announcing our new open geographical data collection

We love maps at Bath: Hacked. From our historical maps to our visualisations in CartoDB we often find ourselves working with maps to explore new ways to visualise data about the local area. To make this even easier we’ve created a new open…

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Spin Up the TIGER Geocoder, Quickly

Geocoding is expensive. Translating ‘520 Broadway, NYC’ into ‘40.7226687,-73.9987579′ comes with caveats. You’re up against network endpoints, daily request limits, licensing, and potentially a large bit of cash, depending on your needs. When your collection of addresses is on the

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Visualising data without code

At Bath: Hacked we have lots of data about Bath & North East Somerset. In fact, we have oodles of data; all lovingly gathered, curated & made available on our wonderful Socrata platform for anyone to use. In this post

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