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A case for Data Science + Open Data

Carey Anne Nadeau is the Founder & CEO of Open Data Nation (opendatanation.com) and created FIVAR (fivar.org). Before founding Open Data Nation, Nadeau worked for the past decade doing quantitative research and analysis using open data at the Brookings Institution

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3 Next Steps to Take After Publishing Open Data

The open data movement is in transition. Over the past decade, the public sector has dramatically increased the quantity and regularity with which it publishes open data. Legislation at the federal and local levels suggests that open data is here

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Open data belongs in the academic curriculum, says Open Data Nation

With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Carey Anne Nadeau, Founder and CEO of Open Data Nation, a finalist for the Open Data Business Award. The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence

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