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Open Data Camp Hat-Trick (Day 1)

The Open Data campers start to gather (photo by Nigel Bishop  CC BY-NC 2.0) The third Open Data Camp took place last weekend. I’m proud to claim the hat-trick of attending all three: the inaugural at Winchester in Feb 15, the

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Epimorphics at Open Data Camp 3

An Open Data Camp in Bristol? We’d be mad to miss it. At Epimorphics we’re really excited to see the Open Data Camp journey come to the connected digital city so close to our home, we are so excited that

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Open Data Camp: Hitting the road again

We’re back First, there was Open Data Camp, in Winchester (Feb 2015). Then, came Open Data Camp 2, in Manchester (Oct 2015). Guess what’s coming next…. Correct! Back on the road again We’re absolutely thrilled to announce that the Open

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“The Hello, World! of open data development” in clockwork computer

As part of the Bristol is Open initiative the Council has released an API providing access to all manner of local transport data including… Continue reading on Medium »

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Smart cities: Bristol opens up transport data for developers

Bristol City Council has launched a new API to provide easy and free access to a wealth of transport data in one place, making it possible for innovative technologies to be developed. The Bristol API (Transport) supports the Council’s approach

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Cycle commuting analysis of Bristol

We love it when our API comes in useful for academic purposes. This is a guest post by Richard Thomas. Bristol: Typical cycle commute time For my MSc dissertation, I investigated determinants of the proportion of people who choose to

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Safer and less careful: Bristolian’s belief about crime in their city

Bristol can breathe a sigh of relief – the city is now a safer place to live than it was a decade ago, according to the State of Bristol Report 2015. A total of 40,650 crimes were recorded between 2013

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Bristol to generate as much solar energy as an average nuclear power station

Bristol has twice as many photovoltaic panels on houses than the UK average. It is one reason why Bristol is becoming the country’s leading city for smart and sustainable energy. Department of Energy and Climate Change data shows that in

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Rolls-Royce joins Bristol Is Open to launch UK’s first interactive Data Dome

Bristol, UK (Tuesday 17 November) Bristol Is Open today announced Rolls-Royce, the power systems company, as a Project Partner in the UK’s first interactive Data Dome. Rolls-Royce will investigate the use of the fully immersive hemispherical display system in the

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Open Networking Foundation supports Bristol Is Open’s Programmable City

The Open Networking Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the adoption of open Software-Defined Networking (SDN). By supporting the Bristol Is Open project they can help implement smart technology, specifically helping Bristol to meet the requirements of

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