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Minecraft and Geospatial: Get Your Data Noticed (Infographic)

Why do we keep mentioning Minecraft? What is it, and why is everyone—from kids to geo professionals—using it? Though the game of Minecraft is a simple concept, it holds unparalleled abilities to generate public interest and get important data shared

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How Far Would You Go? The Geography of Football Stadiums

On any given weekend, tens of thousands of passionate football fans hit the road to follow their team. While I can’t tell you exactly how many supporters travel to every one of their team’s away games, I can tell you

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Norway Minecraft Project Paves the Way to Open Data in the Cloud

What started out as a fun project in support of kids at an annual Hackathon event quickly turned into a real-world test bed for an upcoming cloud-based open data portal rollout – and changed the way they work. As an

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