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How the world’s first Wikidata Visiting Scholar created linked open data for five thousand works of art

  A demonstration of some of the data recorded and converted to Wikidata for each image in the collection. Underlying lithograph by W. Crane, public domain/CC0. The National Library of Wales has been sharing images openly on Wikimedia Commons for

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Creators have given away 1 billion works on the internet to use for free forever

The creators of more than a billion photos, videos, songs and other works are giving them away on the internet for others to use for free forever — a big milestone for Creative Commons, the non-profit organization behind the copyright

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Data as Culture 2015: July Curator’s statement

Data as Culture 3: Data Anthropologies places people at the centre of emerging data landscapes. The Open Data Institute offers itself as the focal point of this exploration by hosting a series of artists’ residencies. Photographic artist Natasha Caruana, in

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The UK government obviously isn’t committed to open data if it’s clamping down on FOIs

Early last week the government said it wanted open data to “go viral”. It then announced a potential clampdown on FOIs. It’s not taking this seriously. Author information Derek du Preez Derek du Preez has spent the past few years

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The Open Data Institute appoints new artist in residence Natasha Caruana

The Open Data Institute appoints new artist in residence Natasha Caruana and hosts UK premiere of ‘At First Sight’ work The Open Data Institute (ODI) announces it is hosting the UK premiere of award-winning photographic artist, Natasha Caruana’s ‘At First

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