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“Open data sites like nightmarish supermarkets”

Most of the open data sites that governments have created during the last decade still deliver data as sets of links to tables, or links to other sites that are also hard to comprehend. In the best cases, data is

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5 March: International Open Data Hackathon in cities all over world

On Saturday 5 March 2016, the third International Open Data Hackathon will be organised. That day in cities all over the world, local communities will host hackathons where people from civil society, government and companies collaboratively work on applications, analyses

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Rotterdam launches open LoRa network for Internet of Things

Last week, The Things Network — 010 was launched. This is an open LoRa network for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Rotterdam. It took only six weeks to get commitment from the parties involved for the purchase and placement

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EC brings pan-European open data together on European Data Portal

On November 16, the European Commission launched the European Data Portal, which will serve as a central gateway to data published by administrations in countries across Europe, from the EU and beyond. Currently over 240,000 datasets from 34 European countries

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Bulgarians having a date with data

This summer, the Bulgarian Council of Ministers organised ‘A Date with Data’. The theme for this one-day event was ‘Open Data for Transparent Governance’. The programme featured presentations, panel discussions, demonstrations of visualisations, and other applications of open data. Among

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Dutch minister calls for more government data to be published

Dutch government data should be made available for free to the public as much as possible. Public agencies should change their attitude towards the publishing of open data, the Dutch Minister of the Interior, Ronald Plasterk said. They are often

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Sweden contributes responsive design interface to CKAN software

CKAN, the most commonly used software platform to build open data portals, now supports responsive designs. This interface technology automatically provides a uniform experience to visitors viewing and navigating websites, from large screens (i.e. desktop monitors) to small (i.e. mobile

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Port of Rotterdam preparing for annual World Port Hackaton

On September 4-5, the Port of Rotterdam is to hold the third edition of what has now become its annual World Port Hackaton. Hackers, programmers, stakeholders and enthusiasts are invited to attend the two-day event and join the teams. Together

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