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Catching up with Collideoscope

It’s been a while since we looked in on Collideoscope, our project for reporting and collating data on cycling collisions and near misses, developed in collaboration with ITP. But what better time than now, when days are short and accidents

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California DMV Creates First Public Data Set on Driverless Car Crashes

With the release of nine reports, the California Department of Motor Vehicles has created what is likely the first public data set on driverless car crashes in the U.S. The DMV released all its reports on autonomous vehicle (AV) crashes on

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How can Open Data Empower Cities and Citizens?

Greater density in cities and their surroundings challenges our governments to provide effective services to their residents, businesses, and visitors, but it also allows for greater efficiency…. The post How can Open Data Empower Cities and Citizens? appeared first on

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