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Do you need to publish high quality Open Data (OD)? Do you want to reuse data for research, an article, an application or something else? The Open Data Node, a new open source platform supporting the entire process of Open Data publication, management and exchange, is what you’re looking for!
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This is a guest blogpost written by Peter Hanečák, Senior Researcher at EEA

Costs of OD publishing and consumption are still high and in many cases the process of OD publishing is not so easy (not automated or integrated to other processes related to data management). Partners within the EU-funded COMSODE project worked to develop the “Open Data Node” (ODN) platform. It is an open source software platform that provides the user with tools and functions for effective long-term publishing of open data in automated, repeatable and easy-to-use fashion. It supports the entire process of OD publication, management and exchange. The platform also integrates the powerful data transformation tool UnifiedViews, a visualisation tool, a proprietary “Search by Strategy” platform, and  a catalogue. It is accompanied by a Methodology for OD publishing and equipped with a set of application interfaces allowing third parties to build applications on top of it.

ODN is now being implemented in Slovakia, forming a base for the national Open Data infrastructure.

At EEA communication solutions, we are leading the development and exploitation of the Open Data Node product. We are an independent Czecho-Slovak software house focused on design, development, integration and support of online and mobile communication and information solutions. Most of our customers are system integrators, large software companies, financial institutions, utilities, media, government and public institutions, from various EU countries as well as Russia and USA.

Our goal is to achieve worldwide usage of the platform and its methodology and we plan to work through a network of local partners that will implement ODN locally. We are currently working on increasing the ODN product visibility, and we continue to further develop the platform and its methodology in order to keep it up-to-date and competitive.

We have been selected by the Innovation Radar to compete for the Innovation Radar Prize at ICT2015! We are ready to explain to decision makers and researchers the features and advantages of our product: just come and visit us at the Innovation Radar booth during ICT 2015! (Tuesday October 20th, 13:30-15:30). You can also join us during our networking session “Open data in action” Thursday 22nd, 9:00am (room 5B).

Get in touch with us at our Facebook page, or via @FP7COMSODE.

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