Research study on budget openness in Croatia

How open is budget data in Croatia and has the level of openness improved over the past year? These are the key questions explored in a new paper published by the Institute of Public Finance, which analyses the budget data of counties, cities and municipalities across Croatia.

Key findings from the paper show that the overall average budget transparency in the country is far from satisfactory – with even the most transparent counties rated below 50%. In terms of budget proposals available to the public – those relating to counties are the most widely available, with the same information less available for cities, and virtually unavailable among the municipalities examined in the study.

The origin of this research can be traced back to the Open Government Partnership initiative, (more specifically to the recommendation issued by the Ministry of Finance under the aegis of this initiative) which stated that local units should publish key budget documents on their websites.

You can read the paper in full by following this link: “Budget transparency of Croatian counties, cities and municipalities in 2013/2014

Publication Date:
Tuesday, June 3, 2014
Type of reports:
Other report


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