Re: the problem with open data is open data people

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I agree and think this is a problem in tech in general but focusing on open data, it doesn’t have the cachet of big data. With big data, you barely need to sell the concept because the real-life results are clear and provide real value. With open data, you’re already battling a number of myths and legends, so persuading people outside the open data community it is useful *to them* is an uphill battle.

I’m struck by the differences between this article and one on LinkedIn about the same event. That author decided if people don’t “get it”, you should leave them behind and focus on those that do. I’m in the camp of, if people don’t “get it”, maybe you’re explaining “it” wrong? as a first stab at persuasion, all things being equal.

The Open Data Institute’s slogan is “Knowledge for everyone” – only possible if we don’t keep it to ourselves.

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