Place, Opportunity, and the Sharing Economy: #GoodReads from the Innovation Teams

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Innovation Team members shared several articles on the intersection of place and opportunity in this week’s round of #GoodReads. As President Obama noted in his remarks following the announcement of a recent rule regarding fair housing, “In this country, of all countries, a person’s zip code shouldn’t decide their destiny.” Despite this commendable vision, the data shows that where a person is born continues to have far-reaching consequences for their life outcomes.

Zeroing In on Place and Race – By Kristen Lewis and Sarah Burd-Sharps, Social Science Research Council

An i-team member in Albuquerque, NM recommended this article, saying:

  • “Here’s an interesting study about disconnected youth in American cities, conducted by the Social Science Research Council. It includes data for states, congressional districts, ethnicity, gender, etc. I came across the study when reading about the 100,000 Opportunities initiative being spearheaded by Starbucks and 12 other corporate partners.”

How to predict rising home prices, neighborhood change and gentrification – By Emily Badger, Washington Post

An i-team member in Syracuse, NY had this to say about the article:

  • “Great article about how data could help to predict home prices and neighborhood change. Additionally, it talks about the need to develop a common standard for publishing data, and how governments and private companies can work together to make this happen.”

ShareHub Korea – Presented by Creative Commons Korea

An i-team member in Tel Aviv, Israel had this to say about the resource:

  • “We are exploring the concept of promoting a city wide sharing economy and looking at Seoul, Korea which launched its plan in 2012 (also presented in the last CityLab conference). What we find to be unique about it is the extensive cooperation between the public, private and third sectors and the fact that the Seoul Metropolitan Government passed an Act to promote sharing. We are now trying to understand whether a similar programme could work for Tel Aviv and will it in turn actually instigate a reduction in the cost of living for residents. Have any cities implemented sharing economy schemes or are familiar with such programmes in other cities aimed at reducing cost of living?”
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