Open Pompeii – 50

All you scriptores, let us set up your tabulae: everything is ready for SCRIPTORIVM.

Four weeks from now, we will be harvesting our crops. Imagine where you will be, and it will be so. The appointment is in Pompeii on 19 and 20 June: remember these days, for they belong to you, and will be yours for all time!

There will be 50 of us. If someone think we are taking but few men and women, we answer they are too many for the enterprise on which we going. If you think that we rely on numbers, then any number is not sufficient, for it is but a small fraction of the number of data; but if on men’s valor, then this number will do. Since their strength is in cooperation, the cooperation often despised by those who do not understand its importance.

It will be not be easy: who will line up at our side will have to be focused on the goal, because when we will begin, we must go all the way. We do not fight for those alive today, but for those who will live in the future. We are not liberators. Liberators do not exist. Data are free by their very nature.

Archaeologists, civic hackers, curious and committed citizens: let us do what we were trained to do, what we were bred to do, what we were born to do! A new age has begun, an age of openness.

So hold the line! Stay with us! Register! We have to take on four tasks:

Archeologica Academia: If you would like to allow better access to archaeological literature, realising a 4D map of Pompeii that associates artifacts to the papers that refer to them by time and space location, this is your track. In addition to bravery, we are looking for people with skills in writing code.

Imagines Pompeiorum viarum: If you would like to create an archive of georeferenced digital images of Pompeii, that people can use to enjoy a virtual visit of the site; if you think that Mapillary, a crowdsourced catalogue of images, is the open response to Google StreetView, this is your track. In addition to bravery, all you need to participate is a smartphone or a tablet and strong hoplite legs for hunting high and low the ancient city.

Pompeiorum libera tabula: If you would like to open the archaeological maps locked into paper publications digitizing, vectorialising, building proper metadata and disseminating them as open data to return them to citizens and the scientific community, this is the right track for you! Anyone can contribute, with even the most basic GIS skills.

Ad faciendum certiores hospites: If you would like to develop a web site about Pompeii that can respond to visitors’ needs, let’s participating in the realisation of Anyone can contribute: computer-scientists, mappers, archaeologists, story-tellers and lovers.

He who fights can lose, he who doesn’t fight has already lost: our banner is #SCRIPTORIVM!

This. Is. OpenPompei!