Open Data Portal in an Open Data Aggregator Part II

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After the last post I wanted to investigate whether the Enigma had not included available expenditures data was missing or if it was missing in the municipal open data portals more generally. So I checked out a sample of four cities: Seattle, Chicago, San Francisco and Edmonton. The cities were all pulled from Socrata’s customer spotlight page.


  • Does the city’s open data portal have any budget data? Seattle’s portal lists the budget for the last few years but the “budget control levels” datasets included are generalized to the level of department or program.
  • Does it include specific expenditures? No. Not at the level of the specific companies that the city paid out of a program’s budget.
  • Does Enigma have this  budget/expenditure data? No. Enigma has two other datasets for Seattle but nothing on the budget.


  • Does the city’s open data portal have any budget data? Chicago’s open data portal has a number of datasets listing budget appropriations.
  • Does it include specific expenditures? Yes, but not at the level of company paid. The Chicago budget data includes appropriations for data hardware, data circuits and outsourcing to data centers but nothing on city spending on Socrata.
  • Does Enigma have this  budget/expenditure data? No. Enigma does not have any expenditure data for Chicago.

San Francisco

  • Does the city’s open data portal have any budget data? Yes and interestingly San Francisco is one of the few cities that I’ve seen that puts budget data from every fiscal year all in one dataset, instead of separating them out by year.
  • Does it include specific expenditures? San Francisco’s budget is much more specific than Seattle’s (for example lists “copy machine” instead of simply “Information Technology”) but it also does not list the company paid for the item.
  • Does Enigma have this  budget/expenditure data? Enigma does not have any government data from San Francisco.


  • Does the city’s open data portal have any budget data? Well, no. But the Edmonton open data portal does list several years worth of the results of the city’s “Budget Consultation Survey.”
  • Does it include specific expenditures? N/A
  • Does Enigma have this  budget/expenditure data? No. Enigma does not have any government data from municipality in Canada.

tl;dr Enigma is growing but it is still missing a lot of municipal data. (See the datasets currently requested on Enigma here.) Cities with data portals often don’t include specific expenditures or even any budget data at all in the data they open.

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