Open Data 500 Australia

Are you using open government data? Make sure your opinion counts!

If you’re using any Australian Government data as part of your business operations, make sure you complete the Open Data 500 Australia.

The Open Data 500 Australia is the first comprehensive examination of the open government landscape in Australia. The Minister for Communications, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull MP launched the study in March 2015, and is calling for industry participation in the study.
Participation in the study is beneficial for several reasons, including:

  • providing a basis for assessing the economic value of using open government data
  • identifying the ways you can reduce costs of accessing government data, including licencing, versioning and control costs
  • an opportunity to request types of data or particular government datasets that would be of value to your organisation if made public.

The Open Data 500 Australia will promote the availability and quality of open government data from all levels of Australian Government into the future. Make sure your opinion is included in this landmark study.

Email:   [email protected]
Twitter:  #OD500AU