ODI Futures

The ODI and Arup are hosting a smart cities event on 20th April which takes a forward-look at the ‘open smart city’. Simon Gough from ODI Devon and Redfront will be speaking about some of the themes of Beyond the Smart City at this event.

ODI Future events aim to bring business and academia together to examine the potential for open data and how it might impact the future. They intend to be thought provoking and create a real discussion with those who attend. Each event is recorded and we publish audio and slides for each session.

There will be over 100 attendees from Smart London, Arup, ODI Members, ODI start ups, Smart Cities APPG members as well as others in the smart cities and open data communities.

Topics for discussion include:

  • How can open and ‘smart’ scale to impact all key aspects of a city?
  • What are the principles and key ingredients (social, cultural, technical) that will make this happen?
  • What is the role of open data and open culture?
  • What visions already exist to show how this can be realised
  • Where are the gaps? What else is needed?
  • What are the challenges?

There is now a waiting list for this event. You can register your interest on the Eventbrite page.