Learner’s Submission: Open Goverment Data in Mexico

“Mexico has a national government initiative to create a national Open Government Data portal in http://datos.gob.mx.


Only some of the bodies of government have published information. Moreover, many of the bodies of government publishing yours Open Government Data within their own corporate websites.

Datasets published in http://datos.gob.mx, there are 490 datasets from the federal government, state government, local government and autonomous agencies. They are also a few Webservices of national metrology service.

This site also contains 43 applications.

Lot of datasets are information for the offices was easy to open.

Published data are mainly visualizations of information into geographic maps. Is very important develop applications that integrate different data sources, of government and the private sector, with the aim of obtaining new applications and citizens services.

Moreover, published applications were developed by government agencies. Missing applications developed by citizens.

The portal http://datos.gob.mx is a good initiative that comes from the government, but needs more applications and Open Govenrment datasets.

Unfortunately citizen engagement is incipient, the initiative portal exposes government datasets but lack the dissemination and communication strategy, for citizens use the datasets and generates more applications.

Mexico has additional experience.

INAI is responsible for transparency in Mexico, INAI has published several Open Goverment Datasets.

All “requests for information” and responses are available for download in Datasets open formats, at: https://www.infomex.org.mx/gobiernofederal/homeOpenData.action


The datasets contain information from 2013 to 2015. Moreover, the information is distributed by sectors or topics  such as:

  • Agriculture, animal breeding, rural development, fishing and feeding
  • Social Security
  • Communications and transportation
  • Legal Counsel of Federal Executive
  • Technology and Science
  • National defense & Marina
  • Social development
  • Economy
  • Public education
  • Energy
  • Public Service
  • Information and National Statistics
  • Health
  • Public Security
  • Tourism
  • And other more

The datasets are located in open formats: SQL standard, XML, CSV and JSON.

At 2014/31/12, this site had 3,611 visits and 30,009 downloads of datasets.

The citizens interest for the information was: information of the marines, followed by funds to workers and national statistics.  The following figure shows the interest of citizens:


Finally, it’s necessary to improve citizen engagement, to obtain mores services and applications than those provided by government. It will require more hacking events offering prizes to winners.” – Hiriam Perez – Coyoacán, México