La Rioja organises its first open data contest

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As part of its global digital strategy, the government of La Rioja region in Spain has organised an open data contest, the goal of which is to promote the use and exploitation of data published on the regional open data portal.

The first contest will take place in 2015. Further contests will be organised on a regular basis.

The open data portal, launched in June 2013, centralises the public data of the region and classifies it though catalogues of datasets. According to the portal, this contest, named Open Data Rioja, First Edition 2015 (Data Aberto Rioja, l Edotion Premios 2015) will reward mobile and/or web applications or services that use at least one set of data published on the portal.

According to the contest rules, the data can be mixed with any other external sources. The submitted projects can also make use of any tools or libraries to build the application or the service. They also have to be accessible publicly online.

First prize of EUR 2 500

The official bulletin of Rioja reported that a six-person jury and its president will reward – via a voting process – three projects with prizes: EUR 1 000 for third place, EUR 1 500 for second and EUR 2 500 for the winner. The official website stated that the jury will assess the innovative approach of the project, its practical usefulness and technical difficulties, among other criteria. The prizes will be awarded during a public ceremony.

According to the contest rules, ‘Applications must be sent to the Technical Secretariat of the Ministry of Public Administration and Finance and submitted electronically’. The deadline for sending applications was set for 15 October.

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