Is the Internet Healthy?

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Meredith Whittaker is Open Source Research Lead at Google.

We are big fans of open data. So we’re happy to see that the folks over at Battle for the Net launched The Internet Health Test earlier this week, a nifty tool that allows Internet users test their connection speed across multiple locations.

The test makes use of M-Lab open source code and infrastructure, which means that all of the data gathered from all of the tests will be put into the public domain.

One of the project’s goals is to make more public data about Internet performance available to advocates and researchers. Battle for the Net and others will use this data to identify problems with ISP interconnections, and, they claim, to hold ISPs accountable to the FCC’s Open Internet Order.

This is certainly a complex issue but we are always thrilled by more data that can be used to inform policy.

You can learn more and run the test over at their site:

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