Introducing Development Seed Lisbon

Introducing Development Seed Lisbon

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Last week we announced the opening of Development Seed Lisbon. To kickstart our operations in Europe, we brought on our friends from Flipside, an experienced team working on meaningful open data projects for organizations around Europe. This move allows us to connect with partners and talent in the region, and also deliver quality work right out of the gate.

Olaf Veerman

Olaf will lead the Lisbon office, run projects, and help us establish a strong presence in Europe. He lived for many years in Latin America, working with small business networks, cooperatives and small farmer groups in Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela. His experience in working with civil society organizatons around the world allows him to quickly understand our partners’ needs and help them use technology to increase their social and economic impact.

You can connect with Olaf through Twitter.

Daniel da Silva

Daniel brings solid engineering skills that he applies to anything from building light-weight frontends with well structured APIs, to deploying tools for offline/online data collection. He is a quick learner and problem solver whose technology expertise spans PHP, Node, Angular, Jekyll and Mongodb. Daniel is going to help us pick the right tool for the job and deliver quality work to our partners.

Find Daniel on Github.

Ricardo Mestre

Ricardo is a talented designer and front-end developer who pushes how modern technologies can be used to craft usable and engaging websites. He worked for some of the biggest companies in Portugal, but is most passionate about free culture and equality, which he contributes to through his music, art and other projects. Ricardo is going to have a big impact on the design and usability of our work.

You can find Ricardo on Twitter.

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