How open data boosts citizen engagement in Uruguay

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With the 2015 Open Data Awards just around the corner, we catch up with Uruguay based health service startup A Tu Servicio, a finalist for the Open Data Innovation Award.

The Open Data Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in open data across the world. Hundreds of inspiring people and organisations have been nominated across five categories, from social impact to publishing.

The awards will be held on July 9 at Bloomberg’s London offices on Finsbury Square. Explore all nominees and finalists and follow #ODIAwards for updates on the night.


A Tu Servicio (At Your Service)


Hi! How are you doing?

We are very excited to be writing this! How about you?

Great thanks! What do you, or your organisation, do in a nutshell?

We create open data-based tools to promote human development. A less fancy way of saying this is that we build tools in partnership with communities, that use open data for the common good. We believe that open public data can enhance citizen participation, contribute to better public services and improve the way communities work.

What first got you excited about open data?

Our core mission is to use open data for good. We see the great potential (and real stuff) open data can help to achieve. Also, it’s quite fun to work with a bunch of people coming from all walks of life to use data for the common good.

What are your biggest data challenges?

The biggest data challenges around are access and quality of data. But these are technical challenges. A broader challenge is to incentivise people to cooperate, sharing and using data for their own purposes.

What kind of open data would you like to see more of?

We might be biased, but it would be nice to have more data on health service delivery. In general, data on public services could help to enhance the delivery and feedback on services. Also, we would like to see more open data about democratic processes and institutions.

How do you feel about being nominated for an open data award?

It’s a great honour for us, and also for our partners at the Ministry of Health. We are humbled, and we hope to share our experience with other people.

The Open Data Awards will be held on July 9 in partnership with Bloomberg at Bloomberg’s London offices on Finsbury Square.

Explore all nominees and finalists and follow #ODIAwards for updates on the night.

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