Help us Follow the Money

Help us Follow the Money

Did you know that nine out of ten Africans do not have adequate access to their government’s budget documents?

Why is this a problem?

Secrecy around how public money is used often leads to corruption, poor quality delivery of services and can mean the difference between a child getting an education or not, a mother surviving childbirth or not, a child living past 5 or not. But, in countries where local citizens, communities and civil society have access to information, they are using that information to create powerful and tangible changes at the local level.

It’s pretty easy to excite fellow policy-wonks with solid data – it’s quite another thing to actually attract the greater audience needed if we are to create real change. For this we need to provide stories of how open data has changed the lives of individual people across Africa and around the world.

This is why we created a website where anyone with a good data story to tell can easily share it with the rest of us. The more stories we gather on Follow the Money, the greater our chances of having a real impact on governments, donors and other civil society organizations will be.

Together we hope to show people around the world that using smart data can drive life-altering changes at the local level.



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