Hacking for Change? Tips for the National Civic Day of Hacking

Hacking for Change? Tips for the National Civic Day of Hacking

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If you are participating in a hackathon or just looking to do something amazing with open data, here are some quick ways to get started.

Find the DataKeep calm and open data

To find the data you need:

  1. Search the catalog at Data.gov, which includes some local government and universities as well. If you need help searching, here are some tips.
  2. More local data can be found for cities, counties, and states.
  3. Having trouble finding the data you need? Tweet @usdatagov or contact us.
  4. Looking for data beyond the Data.gov catalog? Post a question to the Open Data Stack Exchange.

If you make an app, visualization, map, or activity with open data, post it below.  Best of luck!

Answer a Challenge

Challenges from the U.S. government are available at Challenge.gov.  Specifically for open data, check out:

Looking for Inspiration?

Not sure where to get started? Some suggestions for interesting datasets and APIs, may inspire you…

Highlighted Data


Participate in an Event

There are 123 events around the country.  The following are specifically organized around Federal activities:

Learn more about how the Federal government supports the National Civic Day of Hacking.

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