GODAN joins new Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

GODAN joins the partnership as an early champion along with over 20 governments, businesses and non-governmental organizations including the World Bank, Hewlett Foundation, WEF, ONE, the US, Kenyan and Mexican Governments. This high level initiative aims to harness the Data Revolution for inclusive growth and sustainable development across a broad agenda with the aim of creating benefit for people across the world.

The partnership will be formally launched at the UN General Assembly in September to move forward the open data agenda and open a wide range of datasets that are currently not available for wider use. It will be crucial in moving forward the new UN Sustainable Development Goals to be agreed in September and its aims are consistent with GODAN’s aims to open data in the food and agriculture sectors to improve decision-making and transform lives, from consumers to the farmer in the field. Many more organizations are expected to join in the coming weeks to create this high-level and influential initiative that aims to revolutionize the way in which data can be accessed and used to benefit people across the planet.


The partnership will

  • promote new data principles and norms and strengthen those that already exist
  • incentivise data generation to fill key data gaps that make a difference to people’s lives, in particular the poor and excluded
  • expand open data access to increase the timeliness, interoperability, use, and value of data that already exist
  • support capacity building and peer learning of users and producers with a view to measure, monitor, evaluate progress on, and deliver the Sustainable Development Goals

See more about the Global Partnership on Sustainable Data and its current  champions here