Dinner night? Check the hygiene of your favorite restaurant with health and safety open data

Dinner night? Check the hygiene of your favorite restaurant with health and safety open data

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Summer is here to last and tourists walk around looking for the perfect restaurant. After (surely) using our transportation data compilation to travel and our cheese map to whet your appetite, our readers can now check the hygiene of their favorite joint thanks to Open Data. You’re welcome!


Food inspection in the county of Durham: an interactive dashboard

The county of Durham (NC, USA) has recently published an interactive dashboard on its Open Data portal allowing citizens to check for food health inspections open data. Visitors can check inspections density within geographical areas, inspection results by grade and violation details (see Tabs “Density of inspections”, “Inspections results”, “Violations explorer”).

You can also browse the interactive map below (green = A grade / yellow = B grade / red = C grade)

If you live or spend time in Durham as we do, this map could come in handy.

To encourage transparency and responsibility, the team in charge of the Durham Open Data initiative built a specific dashboard to browse through violation details. All with Pages – OpenDataSoft content editor – of course!

From now on, anybody can:

  • look up for a restaurant in Durham
  • check inspection history for a specific place
  • read the inspector successive reports (grades, notes and recommendations)

health and safety open data in Durham - ouverture des données sanitaires à Durham

We spend quite some time going through these interesting notes.

Paris and Avignon restaurants: an experimentation by the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry

Since July 1st, 2015 the French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry has been publishing two interactive maps on its website allowing people to check hygiene grades for more than a thousand restaurants in Paris and Avignon.

Try out the map below! Pick up a restaurant near you or type “Paris New-York” in the search bar.

The same map with Avignon data! Pick a place near you or type “Citron” in the search bar.

ouverture des données sanitaires à Avignon - health and safety open data in Avignon

These two maps are the result of a decree published on February 20th, 2015 wishing to increase transparency regarding health and safety inspections in Paris and Avignon restaurants.

These two cities are both very touristic. The Avignon map might have proven really useful to theater lovers wishing to check a restaurant on their smartphone after attending a play during the Festival.

Pretty handy!

Data are updated every day and they focus on restaurants inspected during the last three months in Paris (during the last 12 months in Avignon). Each restaurant falls into one of the three following categories:

  • Hygiene Level “to improve; corrective actions required”
  • Hygiene Level “acceptable”
  • Hygiene Level “good”

Eventually, opening these data is useful to the general public. But it will also prove useful to health and safety inspectors. With data aggregated in a single cloud-based hub, searchable APIs, inspectors will soon be able to retrieve data from their smartphone during future inspections and enjoy a seamless experience.

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