Data Share – A round-up of the wide web

Data Share – A round-up of the wide web

The changing face of data keeps us on our toes. There’s one constant though – data’s getting bigger. And with that growth comes a corresponding need to harness its power. This realisation has long-since kicked in and the media’s awash with big stories on data, analytics and their resulting insights. We’ve scoured the wide world of the web to discover our favourites from the past week. Of course, if we’ve missed anything – just give us a shout below!

Wifi, Hot tubs and Big Data 

Airbnb data

We’ve been working extensively in the hotel industry recently, creating some amazing analytics solutions for reporting and predicting everything from occupancy rates to customer satisfaction, so this piece looking at how Airbnb uses the data from their rentals to master their peer-to-peer economy struck a chord. How do you value a rental property when the list of variables is endless? From supply and demand to wifi, hot tubs and even the colour ‘tones’ of your bedroom. Fascinating.

Data (v.) – Can we turn Data into a Verb?

The changing face of data

As technology reacted to the dramatic shift in the scale of data, so did language – the word data found itself ‘massified’. With data enduring such a drastic change (in scale and grammer), perhaps we can persuade the gods of common usage to shift the word’s accepted part-of-speech entirely? An interesting read…

A TIME for data visualisation 

Data visualisation

This week we stumbled upon a new source of data fascination. With a new data visualisation every other day, TIME labs launched only a couple of months ago as the iconic publication’s home of interactive data journalism. Much of it is American-based, but there’s some fun to be had and some serious points to be found too.

Government launches troubled families data-sharing project

The government is creating a secure database allowing official researchers access to council data on tens of thousands of families. The information collated will be used for a new project by the Office of National Statistics to assess the Troubled Families programme.

We at Barrachd continue to watch this sphere with interest having created a powerful, Multi-Agency Data Sharing solution that predicts patterns of behaviour to identify families most at risk and allow early intervention.

Catwalks made of data 

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

IBM is partnering with Melbourne Spring Fashion Week for the second year to deliver an enhanced event experience through data and mobile technology. Of course, the potential goes way beyond the runway, as insight is developed to better understand the event and plan for future shows!

After Billion Dollar Valuation, FanDuel acquires Analytics firm

It’s always nice to share a local success story. Although the story of Edinburgh headquartered tech start-up FanDuel is now more a global tale! Having been valued as a billion pound company – a true ‘Unicorn’ of the tech sector – the firm has celebrated this week by signing-up a sports analytics firm. The acquisition of Numberfire only shows the continued prominence of analytics in business.

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