April/May 2015 report April/May 2015 report

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On the night of the Budget (May 12) the team published data from entity Portfolio Budget Statements (PBS) in a machine readable csv format. Since then Budget 2015-16 dataset has been accessed 1,121 times.

Selected data from budget papers is also available as part of the dataset.

In addition to the Budget data you’ll find another 6,735 datasets through Recent additions include the Catchment Scale Land Use of Australia – Update March 2015, Taxation Statistics 2012-13  and Geelong Street Lights. If you’re interested in tracking new or updated datasets on the site you can use our RSS feed.

We’ve also extended search result sharing arrangements to You’ll now be able to discover an additional 309 datasets from the portal through

We’ve added several new use cases in the last few months including;

You can find details on submitting your open data use case in the open data toolkit. We’ll be listing new use cases in our future reports.

The monthly report is also an opportunity for us to highlight work being done outside our team around Open Data in Australia. One such recent initiative is the Open Council Data project defining itself as a repository of lightweight standards for the publishing of council data. It’s already lead to an open bin map app which brings together content from several different Victorian councils.

Finally, if you are a business or not-for-profit actively using open data we strongly encourage you to engage in the Open Data 500 project.


Our regular stats are below and as always there are more available here.


Allan Barger

Statistics / Measures

April 2015
Total Webpage Visits 30,719
Total Page views 125,221
Total Datasets (including FOI log links) 6,683
Total Organisations 163
Total Data Resources / Files 30,907
Total Machine Readable / Data API Resources 1,736

As always you can find more of our stats here.

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