Data as Culture 2015: July Curator’s statement

Data as Culture 2015: July Curator’s statement

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Data as Culture 3: Data Anthropologies places people at the centre of emerging data landscapes. The Open Data Institute offers itself as the focal point of this exploration by hosting a series of artists’ residencies.

Photographic artist Natasha Caruana, in residence between July and December 2015, will develop a concept for a new artwork, responding to or working with open data. She will work along an open research model, likewise sharing her thinking through a solo exhibition of her existing works at the ODI.

Natasha has never worked with open data before but she has been selected for her critical approach to engaging with the ways technology mediates relationships. Although photography is Natasha’s primary medium, she also employs mixed media in her work and frequently looks at the ways we inhabit the network and mediate relationships online in her work.


In her series ‘Fairytale for Sale’ (2011 – 2013) she considers UK wedding customs and the fantasy, performance and trophies of the ‘big day’ through photographs posted online to resell wedding dresses.

‘Love Bomb’ (2012 – 2014) explores love and self-destruction in a culture driven to achieve perfect romantic love through the recreation of love spells, potions and home-made bombs taken from online sources. Other series on display are ‘Married Man’ (2008 – 2009), The Clandestine Purse (2008 – 2009) and Natasha’s UK premiere of her latest series ‘At First Sight’ (2014 – 2015).

Natasha says:


Underlying most of my art is the questioning of how today’s technology is impacting relationships. The internet is the key resource to most of my works. It’s on the web that I find the material to play with. Open data will throw me into a new realm of research where I start to really investigate the data of the everyday. As ODI Artist in Residence I will now be residing in the data ‘motherland’ for six months. Data will become my everyday and I will be ready and open to investigate it.

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Data as Culture 3: Data Anthropologies is curated by Hannah Redler, ODI Associate Curator in Residence, with Julie Freeman, ODI Art Associate and Gavin Starks, ODI CEO. It includes artists’ residencies, new commissions, events and partnerships. British artists Thomson & Craighead were artists in residence from February – June, 2015.

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